Shortcode Usage

Note: You can also use the Snap Ad widget to include ads in your site.

[snap_ad] Shortcode

Use: Display an ad.

Note: Your ad's shortcode is displayed when you view the list of all available ads.

Shortcode Parameters:

Parameter Required Default Value Description
id Yes None Your Ad's post ID
border No The type of border design to use for the ad. Values can either be blank, rounded, dark, dark-rounded, light, or light-rounded
class No An optional class to add to the ad's container

Sample usage: Display ad 12345 with a dark rounded border.

[snap_ad id="12345" border="dark-rounded"][/snap_ad]

[snap_ad_container] Shortcode

Use: Display multiple ads or display a set of rotated ads.

Note: Use multiple [snap_ad] shortcodes inside this.

Shortcode Parameters:

Parameter Required Default Value Description
columns No 1 The number of columns to display the ads.
display No all Display all ads, or display only 1 random ad at a time (rotated). Values can either be all or rotated

Sample usage: Randomly display either ad 12345 or 6789.

[snap_ad_container display="rotate"][snap_ad id="12345" border="rounded"][snap_ad id="6789" border="rounded"][/snap_ad_container]