How to Create Advertisements

Note: You will need to install Titan Framework. Go to Plugins > Add New, search for "Titan Framework" then install & activate the plugin.

Creating Your First Advertisement

In your admin, navigate to Ads > Add new

You will be directed to the "Add New Ad" screen. This is the place where you can view statistics about the performance of your ad and edit the settings of your ad.

Add A Title For Your Advertisement

This won't be shown in your ad and will just be used internally in the admin.

Add Your Advertising Image

On the right side of your screen, select an image to serve as your advertisement. Make sure to upload the actual size and aspect ratio (and high resolution if possible) of your ad image.

Add The Advertisement Link

Below the title of your advertisement, enter the URL where the visitor will be pointed to when the ad is clicked. You can optionally have the link to open in a new window.

Other Optional Settings

Below the link area, are all optional settings for the advertisement. There are options for the timing duration of the advertisement and devices to show the ad in.

Adding Your Advertisement In Your Site

There are 2 ways to add your advertisement in your site.

  1. Use the widget
  2. Use the ad shortcode

1. Add Your Advertisement Using A Widget

To adjust your widgets, you can either go to Appearance > Widgets, or Appearance > Customize. A widget will be available and you can place ads on your widget areas.

2. Add Your Advertisement Using Shortcodes

To get the shortcode for your advertisement, go to Ads > All Ads. There, you will see the list of advertisements that you have created. There should be a Shortcode column there. Just copy the shortcode and use it anywhere in your site.

Checking If Your Advertisement Is Working

Just visit your frontend to check whether your advertisements are showing up. If you want to check if stats tracking for advertisements are working, you will need to visit your website in private or incognito mode since tracking is disabled for logged in users.