Shortcode Usage

Note: You can also use the Snap Ad widget to include ads in your site.

[snap_ad] Shortcode

Use: Display an ad.

Note: Your ad's shortcode is displayed when you view the list of all available ads.

Shortcode Parameters:

Parameter Required Default Value Description
id id or category None Your Ad's post ID
category id or category None Category slug. If supplied (and id is not given), a random ad is used from this category (Version 1.1 only)
border No The type of border design to use for the ad. Values can either be blank, rounded, dark, dark-rounded, light, or light-rounded
class No An optional class to add to the ad's container

Sample usage: Display ad 12345 with a dark rounded border.

[snap_ad id="12345" border="dark-rounded"][/snap_ad]

Sample usage: Display a random ad from the "Cat A" category (slug is "cat-a")

[snap_ad category="cat-a"][/snap_ad]

[snap_ad_container] Shortcode

Use: Display multiple ads or display a set of rotated ads.

Note: Use multiple [snap_ad] shortcodes inside this.

Shortcode Parameters:

Parameter Required Default Value Description
columns No 1 The number of columns to display the ads.
display No all Display all ads, or display only 1 random ad at a time (rotated). Values can either be all or rotated

Sample usage: Randomly display either ad 12345 or 6789.

[snap_ad_container display="rotate"][snap_ad id="12345" border="rounded"][snap_ad id="6789" border="rounded"][/snap_ad_container]