Using the Plugin

The plugin integrates closely with WordPress' Media Manager. 

To use the plugin, open up your Media Manager. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Edit a page or post and click the "Add Media" button on the top of the content editor.
  • Edit a post and add/change a featured image
  • Go to your Customizer, then change your theme heading or background image
  • Add an image using a page builder (works if your page builder is using WordPress' Media Manager)

You should be able to see a new tab called Free Image Search:

Click on the Free Image Search tab to open up the search area. Type in the search field to being searching for a free image.

Image results should fill the area below. I searched for the keyword "park" and got these image results:

There will be circular badges describing each image. Hover your mouse over them to see a tooltip on what they are:

  • Logo - Which image provider the image came from (e.g. Flickr or Pixabay)
  • Attribution - The creator should be credited when you use the image (don't worry, attribution is done automatically for you)
  • Non-Commercial - The image can only be used in noncommercial websites.

You can  click on images to view more details about them. You will able to see the type of license for the image as well as other links such as image sizes, creator page, image provider website, etc.

To download images, hover your mouse over an image and click on the download icon that appears.

Note: "Downloading" an image doesn't mean it gets downloaded into your computer. Instead, your site downloads the image and it gets saved into your website.

A downloading indicator will show up during the download process. After the download is done, a check mark should indicate the your image has been downloaded.

Note: While an image is downloading, you can either continue searching for other images, or close the Media Manager and do other tasks.

Switch back to the Media Library tab and your new image should be waiting for you there. You can now use your image as if you have uploaded it to your site yourself :)