Using the Plugin

Five-Star Rating and Widget allows posts to be rated and reviewed. Its performance will also rely on the themes and plugins being used.

It is designed for multisites as well, and should work seamlessly in such. 

It is compatible with the following shopping cart plugins:

  • JigoShop 
  • WooCommerce 
  • Easy Digital Downloads 
  • Shopp 
  • WP E-Commerce 

It his however currently incompatible with the following plugin:

  • IThemes Exchange

Plugin Workflow

Upon initial activation, it will set up necessary database tables independent of WordPress tables where ratings and reviews will be stored. It does not rely on post types, meta nor comment systems.

By default, only posts for sites will have the ability to be rated. This can be changed in the settings in the Post Types tab.

Sets of options, strings and selections will affect the behavior, available features and functionality of the plugin.

Ratings, Author Ratings and Reviews

Ratings - Users can rate a post type from the front end by clicking on the star count of their choosing. They can choose from 1 star all the way to 5 stars. Aggregated average score of ratings will be precented in float numbers with decimal values, if applicable. Unrated posts will show empty stars.
Author Ratings - Post authors and administrators can set their own ratings for the post they're currently writing, updating or editing. These scores are independent of the Ratings system and will not be factored in on the average counting. Posts without Author Ratings will not show blank stars.
Reviews - Users can provide a writeup of their reaction towards a product. The Reviews system cannot be replied upon by the authors as it is not designed to be a comment or conversation system. If coupled with a rating, it is written together. It is currently not possible to add a review after a Rating has been added but the Review is left empty.

It is possible to use only one or two of the systems available. A Ratings-only system is possible, as is an Author Rating only system or an exclusive Review system.