Got problems or issues with the plugin? Here are the common problems and their solutions.

If you find yourself  stuck in the problem/issue, don't hesitate to ask the Support Team for help. And to help us help you further, please provide us the necessary details to find the problem.

Trying to submit my ratings and/or reviews result in simply fading out the form for a long time! 
Check your theme and plugins for Javascript errors. Five-Star Rating and Review Widget relies on Javascript and AJAX to do its work, thus, if any single Javascript error turns up, it will not work at all. The easiest way to look for Javascript errors is through your browser's Site Inspector.

My posts don't have reviews despite its post type and taxonomy being checked!
Doublecheck your post and see if it belongs in their proper taxonomy. Also, check if that post's ID is listed in the exclusion list found in the plugin options page.

I cannot rate at all!
Make sure that Rating and Review are activated, and that your desired post type and/or taxonomy is checked. Tags are also listed under Taxonomy and can be used as conditions for making ratings and reviews available.

My theme does not show the rating stars in the index or any archive pages!
Your theme possibly uses a different way of listing archived posts. Usually, the_excerpt() is the preferred method in displaying archived posts, but some themes uses the_content(), or both the_content() and the_excerpt(). In such cases, the plugin has a feature that will allow its filters to work on the_content() filter on archive pages. This should make the stars appear in archived pages. If it does not still, the theme uses a customized way of displaying content, and this may require some modifications and usage of action hooks and filters.

I received errors while trying to submit a rating/review relating to security error, asking me to reload. What happened?
This happens when your session expires, and you try to submit a rating/review. You must reload the page again if you have left the page for a long time after viewing it.

Trying to load more reviews results in a blank return. What happened?
There can be several causes for this behavior. Internet connection quality, the features being enabled/disabled midway, deleted entries, or the end of review entries has been reached prematurely. Please contact us if you continue receiving this problem and you are not altering your settings or entries.