Using the Plugin

Simply Social gives you the ability to add social sharing buttons for a number of social networks for all your pages, posts and custom post types.

Setting it Up

Simply Social requires Titan Framework to be activated for its settings page to become available. The plugin still works even without Titan Framework, but the settings would all have their default values.

To fully use the plugin, first go to Settings > Simply Social and go through the first set of options in the General Settings area. Here you will be able to pick which areas in your website to display the social sharing buttons, and select which social networks should appear. By default, the plugin displays social buttons for your frontpage, other pages and blog posts.

Further down the settings page are more detailed options that allow you to more precisely control the look and feel of your sharing buttons. You can tweak a lot of design aspects of the buttons to make it blend well into your website's current design.

Social Buttons Tailored for Mobile Phones

Simply Social provides a different set of sharing buttons for mobile phone displays. This gives your readers a more pleasant reading and sharing experience, and with easy access to sharing, it should allow your users to share your content more conveniently and hopefully more often :)

This is enabled by default, and you can further tweak it's settings by clicking on the Mobile Buttons tab within our settings page.

Settings found in the Mobile Buttons tab are specifically for the mobile phone buttons only, any change you perform here will not affect the buttons that display in larger screens.

Note that because mobile phone displays have a smaller width, try and pick only up to 3 or 4 social networks (this includes the total share count) for mobile displays. Anything more would make the social buttons smaller and may hinder the experience.

Important Notes

The sharing statistics for each share are counted from the different social networks that you have enabled. These numbers may not reflect in real-time the shares people perform on your site. The plugin also caches your share counts hourly to make things fast, so at most, expect your share counts to change at an hourly rate.