FAQs & Troubleshooting

How come there is no share count from Twitter?

Twitter has shut down it's Tweet count last 2015. And unless they bring this functionality back, unfortunately that means that we cannot display the number of shares from Twitter.

I cannot find the options page for the plugin

The plugin requires Titan Framework to be installed and activated for the plugin's options page to appear. If you do not have Titan activated, the plugin will use its default settings. There should be a note on the top of your admin page about it.

I just shared my post and my sharing numbers do not get updated.

The sharing statistics for each share are counted from the different social networks that you have enabled. These numbers may not reflect in real-time the shares people perform on your site. The plugin also caches your share counts hourly to make things fast, so at most, expect your share counts to change at an hourly rate.

I have the share counts ticked in the settings but I cannot see the share numbers.

There is another option available that can hide/show the share count numbers if they are currently zero. Check this option in the settings too.

Where can I get support?

For any questions or support inquiries, kindly head over to http://support.gambit.ph/