How to Use Loupe Magnifying Glass

How to Use the Loupe Magnifying Glass?

This is a simple guide for beginner users of Loupe Magnifying Glass.

After you activated the plugin, start editing your pages or posts using Visual Composer's backend editor.

Add an element and select the Loupe Magnifying Glass element.

In the loupe element's properties, the most important are the full sized image, X position and Y position. Note that the X & Y positions are percentages. The X location is the horizontal position and Y is the vertical position. For the X position, a value of 0 means that the loupe is displayed on the leftmost side of the image, and a value of 100 means the rightmost side. For the Y position, 0 means the top and 100 means the bottom.

The rest of the properties are for the looks of the loupe magnifying glass.