How to Use the Support System Effectively

The Gambit Support System is a place where you can:

  • Ask questions regarding the plugin.
  • Report a problem and a possible issue caused by our plugin.
  • Send your suggestion for future updates.

Usually, we answer our tickets quickly. This should normally take a 1 working day (excluding the weekends and holidays). But this may also take longer depending on the difficulty and importance of the matter. We usually give more priorities on fixing problems and bugs than feature requests. But as much as possible, we want to keep our ticket queue clear.

That aside, we encourage everyone to read our HelpScout Docs, Old Support Tickets and comments, and possibly do a research. This will not just help us with the workload, but will also give an extra knowledge in your part. But ofcourse, we are also willing to lend a hand especially when it is really needed.

We are making this guide, to help you send an effective ticket that will also speed up the progress and solutions in your problems.

Here are the Guidelines of what Gambit Support System can support and what can't:

What we CAN Support:

  • Bugs, errors or abnormal behaviors caused by our plugins/themes. (proven that it is really caused by our plugin/theme.)
  • Difficulties in using our Plugin/Theme.
  • Suggestions for Updates and New Features. (this will be assessed by our developers if it is possible)

What we "might" be able Support:

These are the ones that may also need an assessment by our developers before we proceed. This may be accepted or rejected according to the difficulty and the amount of changes we need to commit with our plugins/themes.

  • Theme/Plugin Conflicts
  • Suggestions that will require to add a massive amount of changes in our code.

What we CAN'T Support:

  • Integrating our plugin with other Third Party plugins/Themes in such way we need to change some lines of code in a theme/plugin that is not our product.
  • Fixing our plugin to become compatible to a plugin/theme that have modified Visual Composer or WordPress Core Functions (e.g. Custom jQuery, Page Builders that doesn't support third Party Plugins or Shortcodes)
  • Supporting an Outdated version of our plugin. (some of our plugin updates may have applied the fixes)
  • Making our plugin work in a theme that doesn’t allow Third Party Plugins.
  • Modifying your plugin/theme that is not our product. (please consult the Plugin/Theme Author of the said product instead)
  • (Re)Creating your website, partially or totally.
  • Refunds. There will be NO Refund Requests entertained in the Gambit Plugins Support System. This is only facilitated by Envato Market.

Sending a Support Ticket

If by chance that the solution to your problem isn't in our Documentations (or need a further information), you can proceed to send a ticket in our Support System.

Please be reminded that to help us in helping you better, you need to:

  • Speak in English as possible.
  • Explain the problem specifically. Add more description with the issue as possible. Providing us a way to reproduce the issue will be very helpful.
  • Provide Screenshots, Videos and/or Sample Pages.
  • Login Details/FTP details will only be needed in extreme cases. But not always necessary. Only proceed on this if the problem is difficult to reproduce. We assure that the details provided will remain confidential and only used for the duration of investigation and fixes.
  • As possible, please do also provide us the information on what browser version (and OS) you used when the problem triggered. There are some problems that only triggers in specific browsers.