Qode Themes Integration

It has been noted that the Bridge Theme's AJAX Transitions may cause rendering problems (white space or alike) in the plugin.
This is due to fact that some plugins that uses JavaScript will not work on pages with AJAX unless their callbacks are manually called.

Here is a guide on how to integrate our plugin on Bridge Theme (and possibly some of Qode themes) based on instructions from their Support System.

Quoting the ticket itself:

And bonus solution if you know coding is to inspect this plugin and to find main function which initialize this plugin, and add that function call in our theme folder/js/ajax.js open this file and paste this function inside function perPageBindings () { ... } then minimize whole code from ajax.js (use this http://javascriptcompressor.com/ ) and copy/replace to ajax.min.js

For Background Parallax, paste this code under the perPageBindings () { ... } inside your theme's ajax.js

	jQuery('.gambit_parallax_row').each(function() {
			image: jQuery(this).attr('data-bg-image'),
			direction: jQuery(this).attr('data-direction'),
			mobileenabled: jQuery(this).attr('data-mobile-enabled'),
			mobiledevice: _isMobile(),
			opacity: jQuery(this).attr('data-opacity'),
			width: jQuery(this).attr('data-bg-width'),
			height: jQuery(this).attr('data-bg-height'),
			velocity: jQuery(this).attr('data-velocity'),
			align: jQuery(this).attr('data-bg-align'),
			repeat: jQuery(this).attr('data-bg-repeat'),
			zIndex: jQuery(this).attr('data-zindex'),
			tagid: jQuery(this).attr('data-id'),			
			target: jQuery( document.gambitFindElementParentRow( jQuery(this)[0] ) ),
			complete: function() {

And For Row Separators, paste this code under the  perPageBindings () { ... } inside your theme's ajax.js


Please note: Our Parallax plugin cannot integrate with such themes as we have no way of hooking with their AJAX modules in a manner that will be universally compatible. This is something that can only be fixed on the Theme's part. Therefore, this extra step of editing the theme Javascript files must be done by the user.