Custom Separators

It is possible to define a customized separator for use instead of the packaged separators. You need the following:

1. SVG specimen.

2. Said SVG specimen (either polygon, path, circle, et al) must bear the following classes, depending on where they'll be allocated: 

  • gambit_sep_main
  • gambit_sep_decor1
  • gambit_sep_decor2. 

The configured color will take up the values defined therein.

3. The SVG must ideally have the viewable dimensions of at least 1600 pixels in width, and at least 200 pixels in height.

You only need the inner elements of the SVG, and the SVG tag itself must be removed.

4. No other CSS rules, if possible.

In the same manner as the default separators, they can be defined to be a top or bottom separator.

Please note though, the plugin currently does not have any ability to store custom separators to database.