Frequently-Asked Questions

Questions about Before and After? These may help you!

Can I use more than 2 images?
Before and After is designed for only 2 images, and cannot go further the amount.

I tried an angled slider, but they look blurred even if I tried tilting the angle to its correct angle!
This is a problem in the browser's rendering engine, and there's not much we can do about it.

Can I add captions in the Before and After images?
Yes you can!

How about HTML elements inside a Before and After caption?
You could do this through Javascript or to an extent, CSS.

Are the images rendered in Before and After responsive?
Yes they are. It will take up the full width of the containing element. Of course, the width of the slider can also be modified through CSS.

Can I use two or more of these Before and After sliders in the same page?

Can I assign where the slider will be upon loading?

Does the Before and After slider use srcsets in images?
Right now, it is designed only to load the full size of the image for quality reasons. We will consider adding srcset in a future update once browser support for srcsets for background images mature more.

What if either my Before or After image is smaller or bigger than the other?
The plugin will pick the lowest resolution of the two. To prevent potential problems, the pairs of images must share the same width and height.

Do you use masking to render the slider?
Masking in terms of browser support is not feasible right now. We will consider using it once browser support for it becomes widespread.