Frequently-Asked Questions

Got questions about Loupe? We have answers!

Can we use other shapes in Loupe for the viewing element?
For now, circles and squares are the supported shapes. They can be customized through CSS. Diagonal shapes and the like depends on CSS standards. 

Can we zoom in on the maximized image inside the Loupe?

Can the Loupe disappear after an idle time? Can it be dismissed?
Right now, that's not possible, but they're being considered as a future feature.

Can it follow the mouse?
Yes it can be configured to do that, within the image boundaries.

Can I use a different image for the zoomed-in version of the image?
Yes! Please use this custom CSS and place it in your site's custom CSS area. (Certain themes, Jetpack and Visual Composer have provisions for custom CSS)

#gambit-loupe1 > .gambit-loupe-glass > .gambit-loupe-magnified-image {

background-image: url('') !important; 


You will have to make adjustments, such as editing the background image URL and changing the loupe ID/selector. Also, your alternative loupe image must have the exact dimensions/proportions as the original.