Filter Hooks

To extend and expand the capabilities of Meet The Team, filter hooks are available to customize the inner workings.


Modify the search parameters for WP_Query. These parameters are generated by the settings specified.

You can use any parameters available in  WP_Query. Check the WP_Query entry in the codex for more information.

Sample usage: Display only members whose entries were written by specific authors:

add_filter( 'gambit_mtt_query', 'allow_only_these_authors' );  

function allow_only_these_authors( $args ) { 
	$args['author'] = '2,6,17,38'; // Only display posts by these authors. 	
	return $args; 


Add to the default social links given by default.

These additions will not have any negative impact to existing social links.

Sample usage: Add a divider before the social links:

add_filter( 'gambit_mtt_social_links', 'hr_in_links' );  

function hr_in_links( $socialLinks ) { 
	return '<hr /><br />' . $socialLinks; 


Add an additional entry to the list, or manipulate its display outright. Perfect for additional details in a team member that's not provided by Meet The Team by default, or setting display conditions.

Sample usage: Display only results from specific authors:

add_filter( 'gambit_mtt_custom_fields', 'honorary_member' );  

function honorary_member( $customFields ) { 
	$customFields .= '<p>Honorary Member</p>'; 	
	return $customFields;