Frequently-Asked Questions

Questions about Row Separators? Chances are, we have the answers!

Does Row Separators support JPG, GIF and PNG?
Row Separators is strictly designed for SVGs only. Therefore, raster images like JPG, PNG and GIF will not work, not even if they are wrapped into SVG elements, with certain exceptions.

Can I use custom separators that are animated?
As long as they are supplied with their usual CSS rules for animation, and our conventions followed, animated separators is a possibility.

Will you create animated separators in the future?
It is currently not a priority, but it will be considered.

Some separators still bleed on the edges! What do I do?
Some rendering engines of browsers simply have problems rendering SVGs that are close to the edge of an element, such as <div>, with Firefox rendering these correctly. With custom CSS however, they can be remedied by applying transformations on problematic layers of the separator.

Consider the following CSS code:

#gambit-row-separator-1 > .gambit_sep_decor1 { 
	transform: translateY(-3px); 

The same approach could be used to animate certain parts of the separator. Take note however, some elements may appear cropped as they were not designed to be animated.

I want my separator closer to the element! What do I do?
As of version 1.3, you can now specify the offset of the separator to nudge it closer to or farther from the edge.