Got problems or issues with the plugin? Here are the common problems and their solutions.

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Row Separators

Help! I tried to add a Background Color in the Row Settings, but the color isn't applying in the Row Separator.
This problem happens if you're using certain themes with a modified version of WPBakery Pagebuilder (formerly Visual Composer). Modified versions of Visual Composers implement their rows differently which may cause issues like this one. In this case, it can be resolved by adding a Custom CSS:

#custom-ID .gambit_sep_main {     fill: red !important; }

Custom ID is added via Row Settings, this will be needed if you want to only add the Custom CSS in a certain row. You can also select colors using Colors Hex Code.

Why is the Row Separator is adding an extra Scroll Bar in my page? How can I fix this?
This may occur depending on the theme you're using. Some themes may force a different overflow which may cause this behavior. This problem can still be fixed though!
Particularly, a Custom CSS can fix this as well:

body {     overflow-x: visible !important; }