How to Use - Text Effects for WPBakery Page Builder

How to Use Animated Text Effects for WPBakery Page Builder

This is a simple guide for beginner users of Animated Text Effects plugin.

Basic Usage

There are two ways to use Animated Text Effects plugin in your page: using WPBakery Page Builder or by using Shortcodes. Please do note that if you want the Animated Text Effects settings to appear, you need WPBakery Page Builder. Otherwise, you have to use the shortcode to make the plugin work.

Using WPBakery Page Builder

Please do note that before we proceed on this guide, the user also needs a basic knowledge on how to use WPBakery Page Builder and how to add Rows and Elements in a page or post. If you're not sure on how to do the following steps, it will be best to refer on the WPBakery Page Builder Basic Tutorial first:

Step 1. Add New Page or Edit your existing page

Step 2. Go to Backend Editor

Step 3. In your Backend Editor, click on the Plus Button or Add Element. First, add a row

Step 4. When you add a Row, You can click the Plus Button in the Row to add our Plugin Components. Choose the options that you may find applicable

Step 5. Customize the settings according to your preference. Additional description of each setting and option are included in the settings.

Step 6. Save your changes and Publish your work. Well done!

Using the Shortcodes

You can use the text_effects shortcode inside your content if you want a more customized experience.

Parameter Default Type Description
text_mid Typing, Text, Effects string The text that has the animation effect.
text_effect text-scrambled string Select the animation for your text effect.
string Text that appears before the animated text.
text_after string Text that appears after the animated text.
text_style h2 string Size/text style.
text_align center string The alignment of the text effect.
animation_speed normal number The speed of the text animation.
animation_delay 2000 number The pause duration between animations (in milliseconds).
font_size 40 number Font size in pixels.
font_color string The color of the text including appended and prepended text.
middle_bg_color string Pick a color to add a solid background to the animated text. Leave blank if you don\’t want any background.
string Select color for the animated text.
char_color #b7b7b7 string The color of the scrambled characters for the text-scrambled animation.