Theme Conflicts and Solutions

Here are known compatibility issues with our plugin and others.

Some themes that use Google Fonts

Some themes like You Theme enqueues their own Google Font scripts that may override Google Fonts for WPBakery Page Builder. This may cause inconsistent loading for fonts or to 'not work' at all.

This happens when both Google Font scripts from the theme and plugin loads on the page, one may override the other. 

To address this issue, you'll need to manually import the fonts you'll be using on the page. Here are the steps on how to do so:

1. Go to and look for the font that you want to use on your page.

2. Select the font. As an example in the screenshot, we selected the Roboto font.

3. Upon selecting your font, it will take you to a tab where you can embed your font. Choose Import and look for the @Import script. This is what we need in order to import the font to your site.

Again, back in our example, this is the exact @import script we need for Roboto:

@import url('');

4. You can add the @import script in your Additional CSS via Theme Customizer.

5. Once you Publish your Additional CSS, the fonts should finally work once you assigned the said font in your Fonts tab. :)