Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions on how to work with the plugin? Looking for tips and tricks? You can look for it here.

The Entire Plugin

Will the plugin work on my theme that uses AJAX pageloading?
If your theme uses AJAX to load contents, this may be a problem. AJAX-based content loading often does not include CSS and Javascript libraries from plugins and will result in nonfunctional elements. 
This however can be remedied if the theme provides a Javascript callback function that triggers when the AJAX pageloading is finished. From here, the Javascript file of the plugin can be included so that it will be triggered. Please consult your theme documentation for details.

Image Parallax

I saw your demo where there are 4 different image parallaxes in the same row, how did you do it?
This is very easy, all you need to do is to create multiple parallax elements with different images in it. The order of layering is the top most parallax row goes to the front.
You can also mix up different images and styles from transparent PNGs to Animated GIFs.

I want to add 2 different images in 1 row, but I want them separated by columns. Can I make parallax in columns?
Yes you can, just add the Parallax element in different columns.

Can I enable/disable the Parallax effects in mobile?
Yes. By default, the Parallax effect is disabled in your background. But there is a checkbox with Check this to enable the parallax effect in mobile devices which you can use.

Video Backgrounds

What Video Hosting sites can Video Backgrounds support?
Our Video Background can support YouTube and Vimeo videos at the moment.

Can I use my self-hosted videos?
We currently do not support self-hosted videos, and instead suggest using video hosting sites as this will save you some time from converting your videos and uploading different formats in your site, as well as site bandwidth usage.

How does Video Background work on mobile.
Unfortunately, Video Backgrounds isn't supported in mobile devices due to their autoplay behavior, which is disabled by default. You can instead opt for a fallback image. You can set a fallback image by adding a Background Image inside your row.

Can I mute my Video Background?
Yes. There is a mute checkbox in the Video Background settings for both Youtube and Vimeo.

Hover Backgrounds

Color Cycle Background