Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions on how to work with the plugin? Looking for tips and tricks? You can look for it here.

Do I need Visual Composer for this plugin to work?
Not necessarily. 4K Icon Fonts can still work with or without Visual Composer. But using Visual Composer have its own perks. Like a preview for icons, easier way to setup icons and ability to easily add a Custom CSS. But as standalone, 4K Icons also works properly.

I am using 4K Icon Fonts as Shortcode. Is there a way for me to find a list of icon and their names?
Yes. You can find them in our Demo Site by clicking on the Launch Demo. This will direct you to a Sandbox Backend that will make you see a preview of the icons or even generate shortcodes from it.

Can 4K Icons integrate with my other plugin? I want an Icon in my flip box, hero box, etc.
This depends on the Third Party Plugin if they can support shortcodes. Some of them have a textbox that can support it, some doesn't.
The only way knowing is to actually test a sample shortcode from an another plugin to your TPP in case if it works.

Can we add even MORE icons in your plugin?
Technically, yes. But we do not support customization, we only take suggestions for icons to be included in the pack. But if you wish to proceed on doing it your own, here is an article where you can give it a try.

I setup my row with 2 (or more) icons. How can I make my 4K Icons look responsive?
You can add a Media Query that will force the CSS rule to put the icons together and centered. But first, make sure that the setup of your row is divided in different columns where you add the icons. No need to add the float on the icons.

Add a Custom Class on the row where your icons are. Then add this Custom CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 900px) {     
    .custom-row-class {        
        text-align: center;     
   .custom-row-class .wpb_column {
        display: inline-block !important;
        width: auto !important;     } 

This will force the mobile to keep the icons aligned at the center and to display beside each other.