Got problems or issues with the plugin? Here are the common problems and their solutions.

If you find yourself stuck in the problem/issue, don't hesitate to ask the Support Team for help. And to help us help you further, please provide us the necessary details to find the problem.

I installed your plugin, but it gave me a message: "You are missing 5 required font pack(s) for the 4k Icons plugin, they are not activated or installed. The font packs are included in the package downloaded from CodeCanyon." Where do I get these font packs?
These font packs are included in the plugin folder. Please refer to Plugin Installation for more information. The Icon Packs are also located in the same folder as the core plugin file is.

I tried to insert a 4K Icon, but the Icon Preview looked like squares.
Please make sure that all your Icon Packs are activated.

My icon looks deformed inside the background shape!
This happens when your icon is larger than your background shape. You can adjust this by either adjusting your Icon Size or background shape.

I tried to use float on the icons, but it doesn't seem to work on mobile. My mobile still display icons on top of each other.
The 4K Icon's responsive behavior is basing on Visual Composer's behavior itself. But you can add a Media Query that will force the CSS rule to put the icons together and centered. But first, make sure that the setup of your row is divided in different columns where you add the icons. No need to add the float on the icons.

Add a Custom Class on the row where your icons are. Then add this Custom CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 900px) {
    .custom-row-class {
       text-align: center;
    .custom-row-class .wpb_column {
       display: inline-block !important;
       width: auto !important;

This will force the mobile to keep the icons aligned at the center and to display beside each other.