Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions on how to work with the plugin? Looking for tips and tricks? You can look for it here.

Do I need Visual Composer for this plugin to work?
Nope. The only prerequisite plugin you need to have is Titan Framework. The Titan Framework is responsible for the appearance of The Loading Bar's settings.

I want my Loading Bar to count my external image on the percentage label. How can I do this?
Include your CDN on the Image Domains. If you are using more than one CDN, separate it with a comma.
NOTE: Some CDNs may not allow this.

Can I use an Animated GIF on my Loading Bar?
Yes you can.

Does the Loading Bar work in mobile?
This depends on the option you picked. But by default, it is enabled. We have a toggle where you can enable and disable the Loading Bar.

Can I make the Loading Bar work specifically on my posts, custom post types or templates?
Yes you can. Please refer to this article for more information.