Got problems or issues with the plugin? Here are the common problems and their solutions.

If you find yourself stuck in the problem/issue, don't hesitate to ask the Support Team for help. And to help us help you further, please provide us the necessary details to find the problem.

I installed and activated The Loading Bar but I can't find the settings.
You need to have Titan Framework installed and activated. You can find a copy of it here, and its for free.

My Loading Bar doesn't work at all. There is no signs of Loading Bar in my page.
Please check your site for the following:

  • Is your Loading Bar enabled?
  • Do you have any images in your post or in your theme? The Loading Bar will not work at all if there are no images to preload to begin with.
  • Are your settings correct? This applies especially on those who assigned the loading bar in specific pages/posts.
  • Are the images in your site using external sites? If yes, you'll need to customize the Image Domain by adding your CDN host in the box.
  • Check your page for Console Errors. JS Errors may stop the plugin from working at all.
  • Make sure to empty your cache first before loading your page.
  • Check your minifier plugins and see if they have deferred or minified jQuery. JQuery shouldn't be included in the minification process. A deferred jQuery will affect all plugins and content. Keep in mind that jQuery should be always loaded first before any other JavaScripts.

If anything else doesn't work, you can ask help from the Support Team. And don't forget to provide us a Sample Page where we can check for the issue.

I think I have a deferred jQuery. How would I know if this may be the case? And how will I solve this issue?
You can check for this one by opening your Inspector and go to the Network tab and see if your jQuery loads first before the other JS files. In case you have a deferred jQuery, you can look for your minifiy/cache plugin and see if they have a setting for this one. If not, you might need to check if it comes from you theme. See if you still getting the same problem if you change to the default theme. And if it happens to be a problem in your theme, please consult your theme author.

My Loading Bar won't count up and stays at 0%!
Make sure your theme does not contain duplicate jQuery libraries. Using multiple jQuery libraries is not recommended by WordPress standards and leads to unexpected behavior.