Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions on how to work with the plugin? Looking for tips and tricks? You can look for it here.

Upon activating the plugin, I receive a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' error or similar!
Check that you have properly uploaded the plugin. Another, make sure your server is running at least PHP 5.3. This should no longer happen as of version 1.11 as the code in question has been rewritten to be universally compatible with various PHP versions.

Carousel Anything

How does Autoplay, Scroll Speed and Rewind Speed works?
The Autoplay works as the speed for how the Carousel item scrolls to the other in autoplaying. Scroll Speed is the overall scrolling speed on all items. While Rewind Speed is the rewinding between the last item all the way back to the first item.

Can I change Carousel's orientation from Left-to-Right to Right-to-Left?
As of 1.10, this now reads your RTL settings in WordPress and applies it accordingly.

How can I create a Carousel with one image on side and text on the other side?
All you need to do is to divide your row into two columns. Then create the image and text on each columns.

How can I change my Carousel Item's size? I want more spaces in my item.
You can add Padding and Empty Spaces in your Carousel.

How can I change the amount my Carousel can display on desktop, tablet and mobile?
Go to Carousel Settings > General Options. Configure the Items to Display according to which platform you prefer.

Carousel Post

Can Carousel support Custom Post Types?
Yes. However, we will only display the Post Title and Content only. This doesn't include custom Meta Information.

What if I want to change what appears in the Carousel Posts output, or I want to alter the post query in Carousel Posts?
Use our gambit_cp_query filter to alter the wp_query right before it is sent to be parsed. All specifications are the same as wp_query.

How can I add extra customization in the Carousel Posts?
This will require an extra coding for it. Please refer on Filter Hooks.

Random order doesn't work in my Carousel Posts query!
If you're hosting with WP Engine, make sure random order is not disabled. If you're not using WP Engine and this behavior occurs, this may be a problem involving plugins that change the way WP Query works, your WordPress installation or your database backend.