How to Use

This is a simple guide for beginner users of Sumo Search.

After you activate Sumo Search, visit the frontend of your website and try the following:

Step 1. If you have a search field in your website, try typing in that (do that now). Sumo Search's overlay should appear when you are typing. Our plugin tries to find your existing search field and integrates into that. If nothing's happening, then this means that we will need to set this up later. See the Integrating with your Existing Search Button section below for more details on this.

Step 2. While viewing your website, try typing anything. Try typing the word "Post" while viewing your site (do that now). Sumo Search's overlay should appear and your search results for the word "Post" should pop up shortly. Sumo Search does not interpret keyboard presses when something in the website is focused, this is so that search results don't show up while your users are typing in post comments or filling out email subscription forms.

Step 3. If your website does not have a search button and you would like to have one, see the I Don't Have an Existing Search Button section below. By default, we do not place a search button, but we give you the option to display one.

Where to Access the Settings Page?

You will need to install and activate Titan Framework to view the settings page.

The settings page of Sumo Search is located inside your WordPress Customizer. While in your admin, navigate to Appearance > Customize. Once there, there should be a Sumo Search panel in the sidebar. Open that to access the settings.

You can change the behavior of the plugin as well as the customize the design of your search area there.